Lunch Menu Calendar

Calendar Information
School lunches, including milk, are available daily at school. The lunch menu calendar details the food items scheduled to be served on every school day. The lunch menu calendar starts on August 27th and ends on June 30th of the next year.

Fresh Picks Cafe Lunch Menus
Downloadable copies of the CWUES/WMS breakfast and lunch menus are also available on the Fresh Picks Cafe website.

Download this file (WMS-CWUES June 2017 Breakfast.pdf)WMS-CWUES June 2017 Breakfast.pdf[ ]140 kB2017-06-05 07:42
Download this file (WMS-CWUES June 2017 Lunch.pdf)WMS-CWUES June 2017 Lunch.pdf[ ]144 kB2017-06-05 07:43
Download this file (WMS-CWUES May 2017- Breakfast.pdf)WMS-CWUES May 2017- Breakfast.pdf[ ]134 kB2017-04-27 13:32
Download this file (WMS-CWUES May 2017- Lunch.pdf)WMS-CWUES May 2017- Lunch.pdf[ ]139 kB2017-04-27 13:32