What is FollettShelf?
FollettShelf provides web-based access to all the digital e-books in the school library.

Why use FollettShelf?
The school library has access to e-books via FollettShelf. Library patrons (students, teachers, and staff) can read e-books in school or at home. All that is needed is a computer that can access the internet. Patrons can download and read digital ebooks on PCs, Macs, laptops, netbooks, and select mobile devices.

How can I access FollettShelf?
FollettShelf comes in two versions - Desktop and mobile app.

Instructions for desktop Quest:
1. From a web browser go to
2. Select a school from the Follett Destiny window
3. On left side select FollettShelf

With the FollettShelf mobile app, students can read e-books from their iOS or Android mobile devices. Which means they can now read e-books they need anytime, even after the school day ends. Best of all, this easy-to-use e-book reader is free to download.

Click on below App Store icon for Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and Apple iPad.

Click on below Google Play icon for Android devices.