PowerTeacher Mobile for iPad App

With PowerTeacher Mobile for iPad, teachers are no longer constrained to their desk or laptop when using the grade book. They can record student scores and make observations about student progress from individual student desks, the gym, playground, at a sporting event or while on a field trip.

PowerTeacher Mobile

 Click on below App Store icon for Apple iPad.


To load PowerTeacher Mobile on your Apple iPad

  1. On your iPad, go to the App Store and search for “PowerTeacher”. You can also do this by searching for it in iTunes on the computer you sync with, downloading to it, and then sync’ing.
  2. Download and then run the “PowerTeacher Mobile” app on the iPad.
  3. In the app, go to “settings” and then “server”.
  4. The server name is powerschool.sau24.org and the port is 8443. SSL Enabled is “On”.
  5. Now click “Locate District Server” and put in “03242” under zip code.
  6. Click “Search Now” and it should find “SAU 24”.
  7. Click on “*********” and you will return to the settings screen.
  8. Click “Login” in the upper left.
  9. Fill in the same login and password you use for email, then click school. Find your school and click it.
  10. You are returned to the login screen where you click “Login”.
  11. From now on you should only need to fill in your password each time you use the app.

Note: You cannot be logged in to PowerTeacher on another computer and on the mobile app at the same time.