Follett Destiny Library Manager

What is Follett Destiny Library Manager?
Destiny is web-based library browser providing access to the library's catalog and digital content.

Why use Destiny?
Destiny makes the school library more efficient and effective by supporting student learning. Students, teachers, and librarians can find, share and use print and digital resources.

Who can access Destiny?
Students, teachers, and staff members can access Destiny.

How can I access Destiny?
Destiny is web-based so it can be used from any Internet connected computer.
Click here to access Destiny.

How will Destiny help my child research?

  • Destiny is web-based so it can be used from any Internet connected computer.
  • Destiny is image-rich. The book cover is pictured in the search list. Selecting the book displays valuable information - number of copies available in the school library, description of the book, the books reading and interested level, etc. Clicking on the book cover (Title Peek) allows the reader to explore book pages and read reviews.
  • Look for "Web Express" once you select a book. There is a link for that connects the reader to pre-selected, teacher approved, grade leveled Web pages that correspond to the subject of the book that the reader selected.
  • Destiny makes suggestions of other subjects that are related to the book selected. A direct link takes the reader to a new list of options.
  • Destiny allows the user to make a booklist of book selections.
  • Destiny creates a bibliography from a booklist with a touch of one button.