Follett Destiny Quest

What is Follett Destiny Quest?
Follet Destiny Quest is commonly known as Quest. Quest is a student-friendly searching interface that is designed for today's digital savvy K-12 students. The online search interface is highly graphical.

Why use Quest?
The search features in Quest are a lot more user friendly than Destiny. Students can search by subject, title, author, etc. all in the top search bar. When the results appear, students can easily use the side toolbar to narrow their search. The graphic interface is more visually appealing and easier for students to navigate.

Quest is a form of social networking. Students can share what they have read, are reading, and want to read. Students can share reviews, comments, and recommendations.

How can I access Quest?
Quest comes in two versions - Desktop and mobile app.

Instructions for accessing desktop Quest:
1. From a web browser go to
2. Select a school from the Follett Destiny window
3. On left side select Destiny Quest

With the Quest mobile app, students can search and access library resources in a way like never before - from their iOS or Android mobile devices. Which means students can now find learning resources they need anytime, even after the school day ends. Best of all, this easy-to-use, intuitive learning application is free to download and install.

Click on below App Store icon for Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and Apple iPad.

Click on below Google Play icon for Android devices.