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Academic Assistance Program

The Academic Assistance Program offers free tutoring and/or homework assistance to all students who have submitted a signed parent permission form (located in the Main Office). AAP meets Monday through Friday from 2:05 to 3:00 pm in the Health classroom. Students are expected to arrive on time with agendas, books, paper and other necessary study materials. The WMS behavior code will be followed during the tutoring sessions.

We encourage students to take advantage of this no-charge academic assistance opportunity. PLEASE NOTE: Students should be picked up promptly at 3:00 pm. Students staying later will not be supervised unless they are in the CASA program. Please call the office with any questions at 529-7555.

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Volunteering at the School

We appreciate your interest in serving as a volunteer for our school! The involvement of parents, volunteers and others in the community who serve as a resource to schools is fundamentally important to the success of school programs.

Why volunteer at a school?
School volunteers provide invaluable support in two primary ways - as individuals and through organizations.

Where can a volunteer assist?
Most volunteers give their time:
* Working with students in the classroom.
* Offering curriculum enrichment to students.
* Participating in school organizations such as PTO or Athletic Booster Clubs.
* Providing counsel to the school district as members of advisory committees.
* Improving school grounds and buildings.

What are the school goals for volunteers?
The school supports volunteer efforts to:
 * Increase children's motivation for learning.
 * Enrich children's school experiences.
 * Strengthen school-community relations.
 * Build understanding of schools among citizens.

How to volunteer?
The best way to volunteer is to contact the principal of the school via phone or email.

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School Newsletter


How is the newsletter delivered to me?
By default the newsletter is sent via email to all subscribers.

How do I unsubscribe from the school newsletter?
Call Weare Middle School at 603-529-7555 and ask to be removed.

How can I get a current issue or back issues of the school newsletter?
Current issues and back issues in the below attachments.

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Download this file (January Newsletter.pdf)January Newsletter.pdf[ ]449 kB2016-03-14 10:23
Download this file (November Newsletter.pdf)November Newsletter.pdf[ ]422 kB2016-03-14 10:22
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Making a Donation
The school is grateful for any donation that supports learning and teaching. Individuals or groups contemplating a gift to the school
are encouraged to review the School Donation List or discuss with the principal what gifts are appropriate and needed.

Donation Details
Please be aware that:

  • Whether your donation is tax deductible or not is a matter of discussion between you and your tax preparation specialist or attorney.
  • The school is not responsible for assessing value of in-kind goods or services.  This is your responsibility as the donor.
  • All items donated must be reviewed and formally accepted by the School Board.  After donations have been accepted by the School Board a formal thank you letter will be sent.

School Donation List
A number of teachers in the school have identified projects they'd like to implement with their classrooms.

Teacher Project Name Implementation Date Donation Request Detail
      Donation of supplies for classroom project
      Fundraiser for school project (i.e. First Lego League | Under the Sea)
      Fundraiser for school trip (Washington, D.C.)
      Fundraiser for charitable cause (i.e. Natural disaster | Soles4Souls)
      Donation of digital subscription for library
      Donation of periodical subscription for library
      Donation of equipment (i.e. computer | calculators | balls)
      Donation to the school endowment fund
      Donation to a school scholarship fund

List of Donators
The school expresses its gratitude to the following people, organizations, and companies for their donations to the school.

Name of Donator Donation Description
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Weather Related Delays and Closings

Sources for School Closing and Delayed Opening
The following media sources are available for information on school closing and delayed opening:

TV WMUR Channel 9
Available via broadcast or online at

Radio Stations
WFTN (94.1 FM & 103.1 FM)
WINK (104 FM)
WKBK (1290 AM)
WKNE (103.7 FM)
WKXL (AM 1450)
WMLL (96.5 FM)
WOKQ (97.5)
WOQL (98.7 FM)
WZBK (1220 AM)
WZID (95.7 FM)

Automated Phone Call System
Connect 5 (formerly called AlertNow) system is an automated phone calling system used by the SAU and schools for contacting parents/guardians of students with school closings or delayed opening notifications due to inclement weather or other emergencies. 
 Click here for more information about SwiftK12 (formerly called Connect 5).

What is defined as inclement weather?
Inclement weather can include any kind of extreme weather, usually snow or ice, which might create hazardous driving conditions or significantly impair normal operations at the school. Inclement weather also may include severe thunderstorm activity, tornadoes, flooding or other natural perils.

How does the school respond to inclement weather?
Generally, there are three possible responses to incidents of inclement weather:

  • Closure of school. In the event of a closure, school is not in session for the day and students should not report to school.
  • Delayed opening. During a delayed opening, school officials publicly announce the specific time at which the school will open and students should report.
  • Early Dismissal. In the event of an early dismissal, the school closes at a publicly announced time.


When will parents receive notification that school has been closed or delayed opening?
Announcements will be made to local television stations, local radio stations, automated phone calling system (Connect 5), and notice posted on the SAU 24 website prior to 6:00 a.m. when possible.


Determination Procedure
We often receive questions regarding the process used when contemplating school closings. This is always a difficult decision and we understand that a decision to open or close in bad weather has a major impact on our families. While we recognize that students are best served academically by being in school, the safety of our students is always our top priority.

With that in mind, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when making a decision. The following information is considered in all decisions relative to the closing, delay opening or early dismissal of school:

  • The SAU administrators assess the conditions of the roads and parking lots, taking into account snow, ice, and other hazards such as downed trees or power lines.
  • The Superintendent of Schools consults with the road agents in the towns that are included within our SAU to evaluate the conditions and safety of the roads.
  • Short and long-term weather forecasts from multiple sources are reviewed.
  • The Superintendent of Schools consults with other schools and the local bus contractor to gather information about road conditions in surrounding areas.

The preliminary assessment of the weather situation starts at 4:30 a.m. After considering this assessment, the Superintendent of Schools will decide whether to open schools on schedule, delay opening or cancel school for the day. This decision will be announced prior to 6:00 a.m. whenever possible. The announcement is communicated to the public via local television stations, local radio stations, automated phone calling system (Connect 5), and posted on the SAU 24 website.

School officials may decide to delay the opening of schools by two hours if travel conditions are potentially unsafe at 5:30 a.m. but are expected to improve during the day. They may also delay openings if acceptable travel conditions exist at 5:30 a.m., but weather forecasts predict that conditions may soon worsen. In the event of a delayed opening, all half-day, morning pre-K and kindergarten programs will be cancelled. A two-hour delay announcement may be followed by an announcement that the school is now closed for the day, if a reassessment of conditions so warrants. The decision to close schools after previously announcing a two-hour school delay will be announced to local television stations, local radio stations, automated phone calling system (Connect 5), and posted on the SAU 24 website by 8:00 a.m.

Technology Plan

What is a Technology Plan?
A Technology Plan is an effort to plan for the most effective and efficient use of resources to meet current and future technology needs for the school.

Why have a Technology Plan?
A Technology Plan is required for E-rate Priority 2 Services and Title IID project funding. They are used to document a school's ICT Literacy program, and for technology budgeting purposes. 

Who approves the Technology Plan?
After a Technology Plan is written, it is submitted to the School Board for approval. Then the Technology Plan is reviewed and approved by the New Hampshire Office of Educational Technology.

What is the term of the current Technology Plan?
Three years from 2015-18.

How often is the Technology Plan reviewed?
The Technology Plan is reviewed annually generating a report that details the completed goals, status of ongoing tasks, and addresses new issues or concerns that arise.

Where can I get a copy of the Technology Plan?
See the below attachments for a copy.

Download this file (WSD Technology Plan 2012-2015.pdf)WSD Technology Plan 2012-2015.pdf[ ]738 kB2014-07-31 11:16
Download this file (WSD Technology Plan 2015-2018 .pdf)WSD Technology Plan 2015-2018 .pdf[ ]930 kB2015-05-05 11:55

Strategic Plan

What is a strategic plan?
A strategic plan is a document that determines where an organization is going, charts a course of action, defines what resources are needed, and conveys measures of success.  In contrast to long-term planning, which begins with the current status and defines a path to meet estimated future needs, our strategic plan began with the desired results in mind and works backwards to our current status.

Why have a strategic plan?
SAU 24's strategic plan serves a variety of purposes. First, the plan clearly defines a direction through the setting of goals at the SAU as well as at the schools. It ensures that our resources are utilized in the most efficient manner by focusing them on our key priorities. The plan also provides a base from which progress can be measured. Lastly, the plan communicates the work of the schools within the SAU to our parents, constituents, and the public at large.

What is the term of the strategic plan?
The SAU 24 Strategic Plan: A Blue Print for the Future was first published in April of 2012. Its original duration was five years, but the plan is reviewed annually, with accomplishments noted in appendices and new goals added to promote a model of continuous growth.

Where can I get a copy of the strategic plan and annual appendices?
Click here to get a copy from the SAU 24 website.

Policies & Procedures - Background

What is a policy?
Policies are clear, simple statements of how the school intends to conduct its services, actions or business. Policies are created then adopted by a committee, administrator or school board.

Why have a policy?
The school must take practical steps to minimize risks, promote safety, and comply with legal requirements. A policy also provides a set of guiding principles to help with decision making.

What is a procedure?
A procedure is an established or official manner of proceeding in a task or process. They describe how each policy will be put into action in the school. Each procedure outlines - Who will do what; what steps they need to take; and which documents or forms to use.

Why have a procedure?
A procedure ensures that a task or process is performed efficiently, safely, legally, and completely.


Where can parents see their child's grades?
Report cards are sent to each child's parents at the end of the marking period. During the marking period parents can review grades for assignments given to their child by accessing the PowerSchool Portal for Parents.
Click here for more information

When can parents expect to receive a report card for their child?

Progress Reports & Grade Distribution Dateline 2014-2015

September 26, 2014 1st Quarter Progress Report grades on PS                       
October 31, 2014     End of First Quarter                                                         
November 3, 2014      Beginning of 2nd Quarter                                             
November 5, 2014 Grades must be entered into/verified on Power School by 3 PM       
November 7, 2014   1st Quarter grades go home with students                             
December 9, 2014 2nd Quarter Progress Report grades on PS                   
January 26, 2015 End of Second Quarter 
January 27, 2015 Beginning of 3rd Quarter                                             
January 29, 2015 Grades must be entered into/verified on Power School by 3 PM
February 2, 2015 2nd Quarter grades go home with students
March 4, 2015 3rd Quarter Progress Report grades on PS
April 6, 2015 End of Third Quarter                                                                
April 7, 2015 Beginning of 4th Quarter
April 9, 2015 Grades must be entered into/verified on Power School by 3 PM
April 13, 2015 3rd Quarter grades go home with students
May 13, 2015 4th Quarter Progress Report grades on PS                           
*June 16, 2015 End of Fourth Quarter                                                                        
*June 16, 2015 Grades must be entered into/verified on Power School by 3 PM
*June 22, 2015 4th Quarter grades mailed home to students


(For the 2014-2015 School Year, these dates will NOT CHANGE for any reason other than *snow day make-ups in Quarter 4)

What is the grading system used by the school?
Details on grading can be found in the Student Handbook.
Click here for more information

Can parents get information about their child's grades over the telephone?
FERPA  (Student Records Privacy & Confidentiality) regulates the release of student information. For this reason grades are not given out over the telephone.

What is Standards-Based Grading?
Standards-Based Grading is a refined way of reporting what students know and how they demonstrate their learning of state content standards.

What is the purpose of Standards-Based Grading?
The purpose of Standards-Based Grading is to align grading with the state content standards as measured by consistent and accurate student achievement data and common criteria for grading.