The school must take practical steps to minimize risks, promote safety, and comply with legal requirements related to heath and wellness.

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  • Athletic Physical Procedure
  • CPR at all School events
  • Epi-pen Procedure
  • Essential Oil Procedure
  • Pediculosis Procedure
  • Sick Dismissal Procedure
  • Food Allergies
  • Head Lice Policy
  • Medication at School
  • Reporting Ilness and Injuries
  • Wellness Policy
Download this file (Athletic Physical Procedure .pdf)Athletic Physical Procedure .pdf[ ]83 kB2017-08-14 10:15
Download this file (Complete Wellness Policy.pdf)Complete Wellness Policy.pdf[ ]155 kB2017-09-12 12:57
Download this file (CPR at all School Events.pdf)CPR at all School Events.pdf[ ]5 kB2017-08-14 10:16
Download this file (Epi-pen Procedure.pdf)Epi-pen Procedure.pdf[ ]21 kB2017-08-14 10:16
Download this file (Essential Oil Procedure.pdf)Essential Oil Procedure.pdf[ ]82 kB2017-08-14 10:16
Download this file (Sick Dismissal Procedure.pdf)Sick Dismissal Procedure.pdf[ ]82 kB2017-08-14 10:15
Download this file (WDS Immunizations of Students.pdf)WDS Immunizations of Students.pdf[ ]7 kB2014-08-10 07:00
Download this file (WSD Administering Medications to Students.pdf)WSD Administering Medications to Students.pdf[ ]82 kB2014-08-10 06:59
Download this file (WSD First Aid and Emergency Care.pdf)WSD First Aid and Emergency Care.pdf[ ]7 kB2014-08-10 06:59