Cyber Robotics Coding Competition


The State of New Hampshire is hosting a Cyber Robotics Coding Competition , starting next week. This is a block based coding system, working online with 'virtual' robots. The 'missions' are thoroughly explained with hints on how to solve them -- it is meant to work for students and teachers with no prior coding experience.

The online portion of the competition runs from November 6th - December 4th.
By participating, our school can win prizes and recognition at the state level, as well as qualify us for a robotics grant. ​​ In order to participate, teachers and students will come to the lab to get signed up, and then they can work on the missions in the lab, at home, or in the classroom.  Any amount of participation is great -- but it is suggested that contestants work on the missions for 20-30 minutes at a time.  It is not necessary to complete all the missions, but if you were to do so, it would take about 5 hours, over the course of the one month competition.

 There are prizes for

  • Highest percentage of participation (students and teachers)
  • Highest percentage of girls participating
  • Most missions completed
For more information on the competition details, click here