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Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8    UA Teachers
 Three Pod

Grade 7

Mrs. Garcia    Health
Ms. Fulbright   Mrs. Castle    Mrs. Crosby
Mrs. Fountain    Mrs. Chapman


Tech Arts

Mrs. Schober

  Mrs. Philibert     Miss Miller

Four Pod

Mrs. LeBlanc Inclusion Facilitators Inclusion Facilitators Inclusion Facilitators Library/Media Center
Mrs. Spring Mrs. Sargent Mrs. Wheeler Mrs. Wheeler Mrs. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Levesque   Mrs. Sargent Spanish  French One
Mr. Hammond     Mrs. Dodge  Madame Rios
        Technology Integration Specialist
Inclusion Facilitator       Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Vermokowitz       Physical Education
        Mr. Barrasso
  Media & Communication  Enrichment Art  Ms Lewis 

Mrs. Caouette

Mrs. Richardson Mrs. Chauca  Family Consumer Science
        Mrs. Bodine
Class One Title 1 Equity  Reading Music
Mrs. Curtis Mr Sulzen Mrs. Lorenz Mrs. Raffio Mr. Fanning



What is a school resource?
Materials, services, people, facilities (rooms | library | gym | cafeteria | stage), and other assets of the school that can be drawn on by a school employee, student, parent, community member or external organization.