Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

What are the AP Exams?
Advanced Placement is a 37 course program offered by the College Board. Courses are taught at local high schools and allows students to participate in college level courses and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Most high schools and colleges participate in this program to give students opportunities to earn college credit or advanced standing when they enter post secondary studies.

Why Take AP Exam?
Many colleges and universities in the U.S. grant credits or advanced placement based on AP test scores. Policies vary by college, but most require a score of 3 or higher on any given exam for credit to be granted or course prerequisites to be waived. Granting credits can help reduce the cost of college. Advanced placement can save the student time in completing their college core requirements.

When are the AP Exams Given?
AP exams are proctored in the high school in May of each year.

How Does a Student Register for the AP Exams?
The student should contact the AP Coordinator in the Guidance Department to register. They will order the exams, collect fees, and let the student know when and where to show up.

How much does each AP Exam Cost?
The fee for each AP Exam is $89. Although there are fees associated with the AP Exam reductions and subsidies are available for students with financial need.  

How long does it take to get a student's AP Exam scores back?
The scores are sent in July to the student.

Additional Information
For more information visit the SchoolBoard website.
 For more information contact the School Counseling Center (Guidance Department).