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1. Gather all your clue cards.

2. Go to the Librarian's desk.

3. Drop off all the clue cards on the desk.

4. Watch the score board for your points posting.




1. Go to the Librarian's desk.

2. Find the Clue Box.

3. Take one Clue Card from the Clue Box.

4. Start working on the clue to earn more points!


Team Prizes

  • Team with the highest score gets a pizza
  • Top ten team names goes on the high score board.
  • Each team member gets a graphic cartoon book.


  • Access pass to the reserved Google Chrome book in the library.
  • Pick a new book to add to the library collection.
  • Gift of graphic novel book.
  • Top ten individuals with the highest scores goes on the high score board.


How It Works

Step 1 - Get a clue card from the clue box in the library.

Step 2 - Scan the clue card QR code using the QR code in the Apple iPad.

Step 3 - Locate a scavenger QR code related to the clue card which might be visible or hidden in the library.

Step 4 - Scan the scavenger QR code.

Step 5 - Follow the directions on the Apple iPad's screen.

Step 6 - Record your points earned on the clue card.

Step 7 - After 30 minutes turn in all your clue cards to the librarian.



You will need the following:

Apple iPad
(See librarian)
Clue Card Pencil



Start Here


This library scavenger hunt is designed to help middle-school students learn where to find and how to use library resources in their research. 

Click on the video for more information.

Then touch the menu items on the left side to learn more.



Respect the library materials (so we‛ll have more to use)

Everything has a correct place (so we'll be able to find what we need)

Always share (so we‛l return things when they are due and we‛ll put things on hold when we have to wait)

Don‛t disturb others working in the library (so we all have as special place to read and work)